Logging into Student Gmail for Virtual Learning

Student classroom virtual links will be sent to the student’s gmail account.  See below for directions.

  Find Link in Gmail Create a Shortcut to the Class
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English Directions

Spanish Directions

English Directions

Spanish Directions

1. Open Google Chrome. google chrome

2. In the address bar, type in gmail.com.

image of google gmail

3. Sign in with your username@fcpsschools.net and click Next.  EXAMPLE:  1234567@fcpsschools.net

image of google sign in page

4. Type in your password and click Next.

image of entering password

5. Look for the email entitled Blackboard Collaborate Invitee.  Click the star next to the email so you can access it easily later. 

Image of saving email

6. At the top of the browser window, click the double box.

Minimize window

7. Left click and hold on “Your link” from the email.  Computer Mouse

image of email

8. Drag the link to the desktop.  It will create a shortcut to your class.

Window and computer desktop

9. Click the shortcut to open your class.

Image of desktop shortcut

10.  When you see this screen you know you’re in! Wait for your teacher’s directions.

image of Blackboard Collaborate Screen