School History

Crestwood Elementary School opened during the post-World War II period known as the baby boom. In September 1949, there were approximately 12,300 students enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) at 42 schools. By December 1959, that number would climb to 54,100 students at 84 schools. FCPS administrators had been projecting record enrollment growth for several years, but were unprepared when actual growth far exceeded their expectations. Rapid development of the Springfield area in the 1950s led to severely overcrowded conditions at Franconia and Garfield Elementary Schools. FCPS administrators hastened to build Crestwood, Lynbrook, and North Springfield elementary schools, but construction proceeded slowly because there was very limited funding for school construction. Crestwood Elementary opened mid-year, on leap day, February 29, 1956. We invite you to explore some facets of our unique and fascinating history.

What’s in a Name?

Crestwood Elementary School takes its name from the surrounding neighborhood, but have you ever wondered how the name Crestwood originated? It’s a story that begins with Seabees on the island of Samar in the Philippines. Learn more in this video produced for Fairfax County Public Schools’ cable television channel Red Apple 21.