Second Grade

Our second graders will work on developing their Portrait of a Graduate skills and grow as life-long learners. Second graders will continue to developed their social-emotional skills throughout the year.

In Language Arts, students will-

  • Continue to build fluency as readers  
  • Participate in book clubs  
  • Explore talking about books  
  • Continue to develop as writers
    • poetry, fiction, and "all about" books

In Math, students will-

  • Further their number sense  
  • Exploring adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers   
  • Deepen understanding of time and money  
  • Continue to grow skills as mathematicians

Second Grade Team Members

Second Grade Team
Back Row, from left to right: Holly Mamo, Ellen Cormier     Front Row, from left to right: Kathy Krajcovic, Briana Hagerman


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