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Think / Puzzle / Explore - A routine that sets the stage for deeper inquiry

The Month of December 2021

Dear Parents,

Last Quarter with the AAP Level ll and lll pull out groups we worked with Concept based learning. Understanding and delving into the Concepts of Change and its Generalizations. 

This Second Quarter (within the upper grades) we will be working with the Concepts of Systems (Solar Systems and Weather Systems). This will mirror a great deal of what your students are working with in Science.  

In the lower grades we will be working with the concepts of Change/Relationships and Creative and Critical Thinking skills. 

Young Scholars

It has been a pleasure getting to know our Young Scholars! We began the year by encapsulating ourselves both through writing and building about ourselves, which helped us get to know each other and form a community of learners. Encapsulation is a Critical and Creative Thinking strategy. Click Here to learn about this and eight other thinking strategies.

We moved into learning about materials engineering and how the Great Wall of China was constructed.

Please feel free to reach out to me (Ellen Donnelly: @email) or Marisa Powel at @email

We continue to look forward to working with your children.

Reminder:  Level lV referrals are due December 15th!  The question and answer session on level lV referrals will be Dec. 6th from 1-2.  Contact Marisa or Ellen for the Zoom link😊

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