StreamIN/CheckIN at Crestwood


In an effort to support students on pause from in-person instruction, students will have the opportunity to engage in the new FCPS StreamIN/CheckIN program no later than Day 3 of a student's COVID-related absence. Learn more about the StreamIN/CheckIN program on the FCPS Website

Students will access live streaming through Schoology and Zoom. View the directions below to ensure your student has access to the StreamIN/CheckIn program.

Classroom teachers will communicate via Talking Points when students should be logged on to Zoom for Language Arts and Math focus lessons. 


View Fairfax County's Updated Isolation Procedures for Students (Effective May 1). 

Logging into Google

Logging on to Google

Are you connected to your FCPS Google Account? 

Let's double check to make sure we can access all of the work from our teachers! 

Step 1Click this Link - this will take you to the Google sign-in page! This page will pre-populate for you. If you don't see, you will need to type it after your numbers.

Step 2: Enter your Student ID (your student ID is comprised of numbers) 

Username in google

Step 3: Select the blue button, "Next" 

Step 4 :Enter your password 

Google Password

Step 5: Select the blue button, "Next" 

You should have now successfully logged into Google! 

Not seeing your Google Drive? Visit the FCPS Google Workspace Page to troubleshoot!

Logging into Schoology & Zoom

Logging Into Schoology & Zoom

On your desktop, click on the schoology Icon or open Google Chrome and go to and enter your FCPS username and password.


*If you are unsure of your child's username and password, please contact their classroom teacher. 


Select the Course where you would like to access a Zoom meeting

Navigate to your child's course and Zoom. 

  • Click Courses
  • Click "Homeroom Course" (ie. Ms. Hangerman's 3rd Grade) 
  • Click Zoom


In the left navigation bar of the course, click Zoom.

Select zoom and click "Join". If you do not see the upcoming meeting, double check to make sure that "Upcoming Meetings" is highlighted in blue as seen below.

 Select Join


Sometimes this will pop-up. Check the box by “always allow” and then click Open Zoom Meetings. Checking the box will prevent the pop-up in the future.

Always allow


Once your teacher admits you from the waiting room, click "Join with Computer Audio"

Join with Computer Audio